Wooden Kirti Mukha
Wooden Kirti Mukha
Wooden Kirti Mukha
Wooden Kirti Mukha

Wooden Kirti Mukha

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Size (WxDxH)  : 14.5 x 2 x 10.5 inches

Finish              :  Available in 3 options (Antique Green, Painted Antique & Brown)


Kirti Mukha - The face of glory

 In Sanskrit, Kirti means “reputation, glory”, while Mukha means “face”. Hence, it means “The Face of Glory”, representing the principle of all-consuming Time. 

 Kirti Mukha is often used as a decorative motif surmounting the pinnacle of a temple or the image of a deity. It is believed that hanging this jaw-dropping sculpture on the wall of the house entrance wards off the evil eye, protects us from our bad times, and invites auspiciousness to the home. In Southeast Asia, it is often referred to as Kala, and in China, it is known as T'ao t'ieh (Monster of Greed).

 This wall decor product, available in three unique colours, is hand carved in wood with intricate details and an antique finish. Order this product NOW to create a protective energy field around yourself.