Miniature Painting on Synthetic Board - Krishna Leela

Miniature Painting on Synthetic Board - Krishna Leela

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Size (WxH)       :  6 x 9 inches

Miniature paintings, as their name suggests, are compact (usually not more than a few square inches) yet, intricate. They were introduced during the Mughal rule. Despite their size, these paintings were stunningly precise and detailed with some lines being painted with brushes made of a single strand of squirrel hair. They were highly sought after by art enthusiasts and were featured in various ivory panels, manuscripts and books from that period. However, they are now painted on synthetic boards instead.

 This painting features Krishna, the eighth incarnation (avatar) of the Hindu god Vishnu and it retells the well-known story of Krishna stealing the clothes from the Gopis as they bathe in the river.