Maha Vishnu Wall Panel
Maha Vishnu Wall Panel
Maha Vishnu Wall Panel
Maha Vishnu Wall Panel
Maha Vishnu Wall Panel
Maha Vishnu Wall Panel

Maha Vishnu Wall Panel

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Wooden Wall Panel - Vishnu

Size (WxDxH) :  11 x 3 x 18  Inches

Finish : Dark Brown

Great Vishnu' is the principal deity in Vaishnavism. In his capacity as Mahavishnu, the deity is known as the Absolute protector and sustainer of the universe, beyond human comprehension and all attributes.

In Gauḍīya Vaishnavism, a school of Vaiṣhṇavism, the Satvata-tantra describes three different forms, or aspects, of Mahavishnu: Karanarnavasayi Viṣhṇu, Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣhṇu and Kṣīrodakaśāyī Vishnu.The term Mahavishnu refers to that Absolute truth, Brahman then as Paramatma  and finally as Sarvatma . Bhakti is offered to Sarvatman. In this way, bhakti surpasses even yoga, which is aimed at the Supersoul, Paramatman.

Mahavishnu is the Supersoul of all living beings (jivatmas) in all material universes. Karanodaksayi Vishnu is understood to be Sankarsana of the Chatur-vyuha of Narayaņa. It is also often used interchangeably with Vishnu to indicate reverence, as the prefix "Maha" in Vishnu indicates the greatness and the vastness of Narayana. All the deities that bear material form like Shiva and Brahma are considered as a grain of sand in the ocean of Mahavishnu's vishwaroopam.

This traditional antique design of MahaVishnu wood carving is handmade to add divinity to your Pooja rooms or even as decorative showpieces for wall hanging.


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Extraordinary artwork. Got my Tanjore paintings in Rani arts and no regrets at all. A must visit store

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Exquisite Collection, Amazing Service, Extremely Customer Oriented / Customer Friendly people. Pleasure dealing with them. Highly recommend....

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Rani Arts & Teak not only has great quality furniture but also has a great team, happy to help you create the finish you desire.

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