Bronze Kamakshi
Bronze Kamakshi
Bronze Kamakshi
Bronze Kamakshi
Bronze Kamakshi
Bronze Kamakshi

Bronze Kamakshi

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Bronze Kamakshi

Size (WxDxH) : 8 x 4 x 9.25 Inches

Finish : Bronze (Lost Wax)


The antique bronze (Lost Wax) statue depicts the Goddess seated on an inverted lotus which is placed on a rectangle base with her legs in padmasna pose or lotus pose(cross-legged sitting pose). The face of Kamakshi is absolutely admirable with a smiling expression. The crescent shaped moon in her crown symbolizes Lord Shiva. The upper two hands of the Goddess are holding an ankusha (goad) and a pasha (noose), while the lower front hands are holding a bunch of flowers with a parrot, and a sugarcane. The prabhavali (the arch) behind the statue carries intricate details throughout, and has a Kirtimukha face at the top. The sugarcane, and prabhavali are removable pieces from the statue. The statue of bronze Kamakshi Amman is one of a kind statue made using the lost-wax method; an expert craftsmanship by our South Indian bronze artisan.


The Lost Wax Process, also called cire-perdue, is a method of metal casting in which hot metal is poured into a wax model, which is lost during the process. The process is used to make highly detailed bronze sculptures.

In the olden days, the castings were often made in copper, but bronze quickly became the preferred material for statuary, as it is stronger and more tensile. This method of sculpting involves creating a solid wax model of the figure, and then wrapping it in a clay mould. The model is then heated to melt the wax and harden the clay. Molten metal is poured into the inverted clay mould, and upon cooling, the clay mould is broken to reveal a solid sculpture.

Sculptures made using this method are one of a kind, since the mould must be broken to take the statue out. A sculptor typically spends several weeks to months working on one piece, thereby making such sculptures harder to come by, and very special. The very fine detailing and the intricacy of the work adds to the beauty of each piece.

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