Brass Tripod Stool
Brass Tripod Stool

Brass Tripod Stool

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Size (WxDxH) : 13 x 9.75 x 7.25 Inches

Brass Tripod Stool originally used in households to keep Deities or Kalasams                      (a vessel for pooja purposes). It is a mythical creature portrayed in different ways, as part lion, part elephant, part horse, or similar shapes. It is sometimes described as part lion and part griffin, with bird-like features. The Yali is a commonly found motif in Indian art, used mostly in South Indian sculptures.
This beautifully carved stool with three legs, features an engraved Yali, surrounded by concentric circles of floral and geometric designs. The stool would have been used in households to place a religious deity on top.